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Hello there fellow SGTC members<3
Here is your chance to anonymously post your BOTDF confessions!
Here's how we work: You send up a confession in our asks and we will edit it onto a photo and post it! Yes, it is that simple.. START CONFESSING!

Oh, and remember, PLUR<3

karamaika said: I became a fan 2 years ago as a sophomore in High school. I thought it was just another band, but when I heard the CD "Epic" all the way through I quickly put it the computer and hit "Rip CD'. I still have the CD to this day. I bought "All The Rage" 2 months ago and love it! Can't wait to save up money to buy the next one.

I became a fan about a year ago myself, I went through really bad depression stage and they were the only people that cheered me up. I love them to bits, they helped me so much. My depression is gone now and I’m always happy!:D

Jayy&#8217;s obsession with pulling faces&lt;3

Jayy’s obsession with pulling faces<3